Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions

To start enjoying our loyalty program, all you need to do is apply for one at any of our locations. It’s very simple, start your card with $100 and you can deduct from the card instantly. ¬†You can always recharge your coffee funds and the beauty of our card is you can use it at any locations! The balance and loyalty card is non-refundable. The values will be kept in the system for two years. If inactivity of 2 years the card will automatically cancel.

Why its so AWESOME!

For every $28 spent you will receive $1 dollar back. The dollar will be sent to your loyalty card the next day. Using our loyalty card system will also allow you to enroll into our database, with being enrolled you are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount on each transaction.

Because even the best, would need a rest. You deserve it!