Passion for Coffee

An unrivalled boutique coffee sensation has finally opened its doors to coffee lovers in Hong Kong. Once you enter our shop, it feels like being in a surrounding of vintage and contemporary settings. At Le Petit Salon only the finest coffee making tools are used, we accept only the highest-quality beans which are specially selected from famous coffee beans farmers in Brazil, Ethiopia and Salvador. Every cup of coffee is blended to create balanced bitterness, sweetness and acidity. At Le Petit Salon du Charterhouse, you will experience that every cup of coffee is a cup of our passion and dedication to the world’s finest beverage.

There are only two kinds of conversation needed for a good marriage…coffee talk, and pillow talk. They should both be warm, and sweet.

Shelly Bean


Irresistible Coffee

At Le Petit Salon du Charterhouse, our aim is to provide a coffee experience with the richest flavours and aromas from our selected coffee beans to present you a perfect cup of coffee. We treat the coffee beans with care and offer a deep coffee flavour with full body created by a blend made possible by our uniquely processed Brazilian, Ethiopian and Salvadoran beans.

Our highly-caffeinated baristas combine these finest beans with high quality coffee machines and every one of our brewed coffees has its own characteristics. You may taste the nutty, sweet and chocolate roast taste once your take the first sip and each cup of our coffee will have a balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness. Our coffee has a rich and deeply fragrant smoothness that can only come from an expertise and brewing at the right temperature. While enjoying the taste of our coffee, you will be also experience the care and perfection that our baristas put into every cup.

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To perfectly balance flavours of our coffee recipes, Le Petit Salon du Charterhouse has aligned itself with one of the best producers of pastries in the region. Thomas Trillion is a renowned artisan with pastries and his love of chocolate in particular makes his sweet sensations the perfect accompaniment to our fine coffees. The finest coffee coupled with the best patisserie ensures a comforting afternoon experience at Le Petit Salon du Charterhouse.


A wonderful place of joy through pastries, a place of sharing Thomas’s ideas and your imagination in pastry making.

By Thomas Trillion

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Pass By For a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a lifesaver. The world feels so much better after smelling and tasting an aromatic cup of coffee. People also feel refreshed after a decent cup, so please stop by Le Petit Salon du Charterhouse and pick up a cup of your favourite hot beverage.